Join us for a free webinar: Building Better Broadband for Cities and Counties

Are broadband bandwidth and reliability problems plaguing your county or city due to:

  1. Low population density and hence reluctant investment by major carriers?
  2. Environmental issues that drive up the cost of replacing old, overloaded infrastructure?
  3. Restrictive permitting processes that prolong approval processes?

Attend our webinar with Finley Engineering on Wednesday, April 18 at 3 PM EST to learn about Building Better Broadband for Cities and Counties by discussing:

  • Funding through Public-Private Partnerships and Multi-jurisdictional cooperative agreements
  • Fundamentals of feasibility studies – when do you need them, what do they cost and what do they deliver
  • Network design and build considerations in difficult physical and economic environments

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About the Speakers:

Mark Mrla – Director, Strategic Operations:  Mark works with cities, counties, telcos and other organizations throughout the U.S. providing consulting, feasibility studies, engineering and managing the buildout of  broadband networks.  He also leads teams that coordinate and process loan and grant applications for various government programs. 

Mark Erickson, Retired - Mark has worked with FTTH and telecommunications for 20 years as a city employee for Lakefield and Winthrop Minnesota building successful FTTH networks with surrounding cities.  He was previously employed by Hiawatha Broadband Communications working with cities interested in building FTTH networks.  Mark recently retired from city government and is on the board of directors for RS Fiber.

Tom Johnson, Nobles County, MN Administrator: Tom has spent the past 12 years serving the public in local government, now leading the Nobles County organization. Tom has been very active in the planning and implementation of broadband across Nobles County and Minnesota.